• Rate: R$ 100.00 (one hundred reais)/day;
• Number of animals/apt: 01;
• Porte: Small or medium;
• Dogs of defense (Pit bull, rotweiller, Brazilian queue): are not allowed;
• Vaccination card: must present at check-in,
a copy will be filed at the inn;
• Circulation by the social areas: only in the lap of the owners, not being allowed
enter the breakfast area, bar and swimming pool;
• Objects / belongings that must be brought: walks, feed trough, leash, feeding;
• The animal is not allowed to sleep in bed;
• It is not allowed to use bath towels to clean or dry the animal;
• Any damages caused by the animal, must be reimbursed by the owners;
• Waste must be collected by the owners in their own sacks.



Você pode parcelar em até 3 x sem juros
para reservas acima de R$ 1.500.